Academic Honesty

Cheaters All work must be your own.
I mean 100% original.
Any violation of this will result in failure for the assignment and likely for the entire course.

This is a analysis of a JavaScript assignment (anonymized by me). The results are ordered by similarity: the most egregious cheaters at the top and the honest students at the bottom. This is one list on which you do not want to be highly ranked.

You have been warned.

No Bullshit!

And another thing:
Illegally obtaining or distributing copyrighted material is a violation of my Academic Honesty policy and will result in expulsion from class with a failing grade. This includes but is not limited to physical books, e-books, PDFs, slide presentations, software, and other copyrighted teaching material.

Read more in my course policies document.

See the official Marist College Academic Integrity Policy.

Musings on Plagiarism