Database Systems

Spring 2024

This is Jim Gray. This is not Alan. This is not Santa Clause. But it may be Sump'n Claus.





  1. Setting up PostgreSQL
  2. Loading our CAP database
  3. Getting started with SQL queries
  4. SQL Queries: the subqueries Sequel
  5. SQL Queries: the joins Three-quel
  6. Interesting and Painful SQL Queries
  7. Normalization One
  8. Normalization Two
  9. Normalization Three
  10. Stored Procedures - Here is the courses and prerequisites script.


Past Project Hall of Fame



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Database Haiku

  • These are from Hugh Scott at SQL Server Central
    • Server is lifeless
      The customer is distraught
      Where is the backup?
    • Performance is slow
      All the disk drives are busy
      Where was the where clause?
    • The server is built
      Everything is now installed
      What was the password?
  • These are from former students. Got one?
    • I did the homework
      As difficult as it was
      Do I get an A?

Ted Codd
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